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Rodger Kingston Uses iCorrect Portrait Photoshop Plug-in

by on Mar.13, 2012, under Color Correction, iCorrect Portrait, Photoshop Color Correction

Rodger Kingston is one of our loyal customers using both iCorrect Portrait and OneClick Photoshop Plug-ins to color correct his photos. When I talked to him yesterday he had just returned from a trip to Hawaii with his wife, Carolyn, and was telling me that he used iCorrect Portrait to color correct the photos he took. He graciously agreed to send me an example and here is the before and after images of Waikiki Beach Acrobatics. (It is impressive how he captured the girls in mid-air.)

Rodger Kingston's Waikiki Acrobatics-iCorrect Portrait Before and After Images (click on photo for larger view)

iCorrect Portrait “Point and Click” Color Correction with Skin Tone Technology

iCorrect Portrait Point and Click Approach to Color Correction (click on photo for larger image)

Here are the simple steps to fix the color using iCorrect Portrait.

  1. Set Auto White Point by checking the box. This image is best with Auto Black Off.
  2. Increase Brightness and Contrast +5 (one click each)
  3. Remove Color cast by clicking on several areas of white (white shirt, bucket, girls bikini (used Zoom)
  4. Corrected skin tones by click on several areas of skin of people
  5. Set Noise Removal and Sharpening (iCorrect Portrait automatically applies these in proper order: Noise removal, color corretion, sharpen)

iCorrect Portrait’s Zoom Feature

iCorrect Portrait's Zoom Feature (click on photo for larger view)

While not absolutely necessary in this image, the zoom mode feature which is activated by holding down the Ctrl/Alt key is helpful in many photos. In this photo if you clicked on the girls bikini as a neutral area without the zoom you would most likely get a strange color shift. Click on the image for a larger view and you will see that the bikini is polka dot and not white. With the zoom you can accurately click on a white area.

I don’t know how long it took Rodger to color correct the photo with iCorrect Portrait, but I did it in less than 30 seconds. If you don’t have iCorrect Portrait and want to try the free demo version go to www.pictocolor.com/portrait.htm.

More Rodger Kingston’s Photos
You really should go to Rodger Kingston’s website  http://rpkphoto.smugmug.com/) (to see his incredible photos. He says he uses iCorrect Portrait and OneClick on virtually all of his photos. Thanks to Rodger for sharing the beach photo with us.

Wayne www.pictocolor.com


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