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Create Dramatic Black and White Images with iCorrect EditLab Pro

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iCorrect EditLab Pro Photoshop Plug-in can be used to create stunning photos

iCorrect EditLab Pro Photoshop Plug-in can be used to create stunning photos

More and more digital cameras now include modes and features that produce all types of effects that in the past could have been done only on the computer.  Among these is the ability to shoot in different types of filters including black and white and sepia tone.
So, the question of the day is:  “Should I shoot in black and white or convert later on the computer?”

The general consensus among most digital photo experts seems to be:  “Shoot in full color and convert on the computer”.

The main reason for this is that when you shoot in these modes, you are making all of your creative decisions when you take the shot. In most cases this means you are limiting your options down the road when compared to starting with a full colored shot.

That said, many software programs have a standard black and white conversion feature which works well enough in certain cases. But a lot of times, we’re trying to acheive a certain look or create a more dramatic expression. In these instances, it’s better to use a specialized application that offers additional creative tools. One of the best programs for this is PictoColor Software’s iCorrect EditLab Pro, a robust color correction and enhancement plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Corel PaintShop Pro.
In addition to simply reducing the Saturation globally to -100 to convert to black and white, iCorrect EditLab Pro offers specialized tools that make it easy to create more dramatic effects.  After doing a basic black and white conversion  to see whether a particular photo is a good candidate for conversion, you will want to switch to the fourth adjustment tab of the control panel identified by the hue wheel.  This is where the HueSelect Control Point Technology is utilized. Read the complete Tutorial


The complete tutorial is available at PictoColor’s website at http://www.pictocolor.com/Black_and_White_Conversion_and_Sepia_Tone_Conversion_Tutorial_Saxaphone.htm

Information on PictoColor’s iCorrect  Color Correction Plug-ins can be found at


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