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The Fresh Coast Project-Ed Wargin, Photographer

by on Nov.28, 2012, under digital photography education

The Fresh Coast Project is the endeavor to capture the Great Lakes on film prior to the cessation of film as a photographic medium.
Last night KARE11 (Minneapolis) photojournalist Boyd Huppert highlighted Ed Wargin’s Fresh Coast Project.

Ed Wargin, The Fresh Coast Project

The Vision
“The vision of The Fresh Coast Project is to inspire future generations of leaders, teachers, students, stewards, legislators, artists, scientists and citizens to be mindful, aware, and reflective about this vast resource. It is to promote enjoyment and celebration, respect and concern. We hope that this particular body of work encourages people to visit, explore, and live in this wonderful region. These are truly the magnificent Great Lakes, and this is a tribute to them.”

The photography is outstanding and Ed Wargin’s project is probably the last great photography adventures shot on film. Hopefully, he will finish before Fuji stops making film.

While the digital camera has taken over photography there is still nothing digital that achieves the image quality of film in the hands of a master like Ed. Go to the Fresh Coast Project website or the slide show on Kare11’s website to see some of the most amazing photos you will ever see.

Good luck to Ed and hope you finish before the film supply runs dry.

Wayne www.pictocolor.com

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Plugs-N-Pixels ezine, Using Plug-ins to Create Apocalypse End of the World Photo

by on May.15, 2012, under digital photography education, iCorrect EditLab Pro, Photoshop plug-ins

iCorrect EditLab Pro is the first plug-in used to create Apocalypse photo
Mike Bedford’s, Plugs-N-Pixels, new ezine mentions iCorrect EditLab Pro in an article entitled “Apocalypse, Create the end of the world using plug-ins“. Mike takes the reader through the process of using his favorite plug-ins; PictoColor’s iCorrect EditLab Pro, Topaz Adjust 5 and Lens Effects, Knoll Light Factory, and Mister Retro’s Retrographer, to create a special effects Apocalypse photo from a generic  tourist shot of downtown Los Angeles.

Mike Bedford's Plug-N-Pixels ezine

First step is to color correct the photo using iCorrect Editlab Pro Plug-in
Mike writes, “When I begin my creative Photoshop projects I like to start with a color-corrected base image, such as this long-lens shot I took from Griffith Observatory looking south toward downtown Los Angeles (yes, that is the infamous smog blanket…). The easiest way to make this color adjustment is to use the iCorrect EditLab Pro plug-in. You launch the plug-in from Photoshop and literally make one click on a neutral area in the image, and the correction is made! Of course you can make further adjustments, but often the first result is a big improvement.”

There is a great article on iCorrect EditLab Pro on the Plugs-N-Pixel website.  http://www.plugsandpixels.com/icorrecteditlabpro.html

You can download the Apocalpse ezine and back editions at Mike Bedford’s Plugs-N-Pixels website

Wayne www.pictocolor.com

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White Balance-iCorrect EditLab WB Photoshop Workflow by Digital Outback Photo

by on Apr.17, 2012, under Color Correction, digital photography education, iCorrect EditLab Pro, Photoshop Color Correction, Tutorials

Uwe Steinmueller of Digital Outback Photo magazine website posted a new article, iCorrect Editlab Pro for your Photoshop Workflow, describing how he uses iCorrect Editlab Pro to set white balance in Photoshop.

iCorrect EditLab Pro White Balance Photoshop Workflow

 “Normally we correct the white balance (WB) in the raw converter. Because we don’t care much about any absolute correct WB we often want to tune the WB later too. There is no real one-click WB correction tool available directly in Photoshop. For many years now we use iCorrect Editlab Pro in these cases. Here is our standard workflow.”  Click to read complete article.

Digital Outback Photo Banner

Digital Outback Photo

We recommend reading Digital Outback Photo postings on a regular basis.  His magazine is an independent magazine fully dedicated to photography using professional digital cameras (often SLRs).   For all content of his magazine the quality of the photo is a main criteria. This includes composition, message, colors, stories and technique.

For more information on iCorrect EditLab Pro Photoshop Plug-in go to www.pictocolor.com/editlabpro.htm.

Wayne www.pictocolor.com


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Recommended Digital Imaging & Photoshop Educational Website-Plugs-N-Pixels

by on Mar.01, 2012, under digital photography education, iCorrect EditLab Pro, Photoshop Color Correction, Tutorials

Plugins-N-Pixels is a useful digital imaging educational site

Plugs ‘N Pixels! website is a one-stop featuring organized information about creativity and productivity software, related educational materials and photo and computer electronics more quickly and easily than from any other source. They connect you directly with the developers and retailers of these products you need so you don’t have to waste time scouring the internet for the best deals. Access to the entire site is FREE, with no registration required! Mike Bedford is a real fan of iCorrect EditLab Pro and has written a number of reviews on the benefits of our flagship color correction plug-in. You can also sign up for free digital imaging ezines which Mike regularly publishes.

Check out Plugs-N-Pixels and sign up for Mike’s ezines.


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