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PictoScript Newsletter November Issue Highlights iCorrect Color Technology

by on Nov.27, 2012, under iCorrect OneClick, iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, Photoshop Color Correction, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop plug-ins, PictoScript Newsletter

The November issue of PictoScript Newsletter highlights PictoColor’s iCorrect OneClick Color Technology.

iCorrect OneClick Color Technology

What is OneClick Color Technology?
OneClick is a custom adaptation of PictoColor’s proprietary EditLab SmartColor technology designed to make the task of color correction as easy and fast as possible. With a single click on any neutral color (black, white or gray), you can instantly correct the white balance and the exposure of any digital photo. OneClick automatically removes any color cast, corrects the tonal range, adjusts the overall brightness, and makes any photo more vivid and life-like.

How You Can Get OneClick Color
OneClick Color is available in iCorrect OneClick pse Plug-in for Photoshop Elements (Win & Mac),  CorrectPhoto Editor Windows App, iCorrect OneClick Color iPhone App and iCorrect OneClick Color iPad App. iCorrect OneClick technology may also be licensed for integration into digital imaging applications and online photo sharing and printing websites.

Wayne www.pictocolor.com

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New iPad App: iCorrect OneClick Color For iPad

by on Sep.05, 2012, under iCorrect OneClick, iPad Apps, iPhone Apps

Freshair Software, a PictoColor Licensee, just released iCorrect® OneClick Color for iPad
iCorrect OneClick Color for iPad, the first iPad app with PictoColor’s OneClick Color Technology is now available in the App Store.

iCorrect OneClick Color for iPad App is available in the App Store. Click on photo for larger image


iCorrect OneClick Color for iPad Gives Life to Photos
Almost every photo can be improved with a single touch of a finger with this easy to use color correction app. Simply touch the photo in an area that should have been gray or black or white or the Auto Fix button and the exposure and color balance is automatically corrected, bringing life to the photo. The automatic correction can be fine tuned using sliders to independently adjust brightness, shadows, highlights, contrast, saturation, tint and temperature. And, stunning black and white and sepia tone photos can be created with the touch of a finger.

iCorrect OneClick Color for iPad Information and Purchase
iCorrect OneClick Color for iPad and iPhone are available on the App Store for $2.99. For more information go to http://www.oneclickcolor.com

First Testimonial for iCorrect OneClick Color for iPad App
GREAT APP  5 Stars  
I don’t post many reviews, but this App is fantastic!  I am a professional photographer and designer and this makes color correction a snap. Thanks so much!  By rlinn3 9/3/12

If you have don’t have an iPad but have an iPhone you can get iCorrect OneClick Color for iPhone in the App Store.

Wayne www.pictocolor.com


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Crop-N-Frame iPhone App-New Version released

by on Apr.23, 2012, under Facebook photos, iPhone Apps, Uncategorized

Freshair Software, a development and marketing affiliate of PictoColor’s, just released a new version of their popular Crop-N-Frame iPhone App, an easy way give your iPhone photos a professional finish before uploading to Facebook.

Crop-N-Frame iPhone App by Freshair Software

Give your iPhone photos a professional finish. Now with captions and metallic colors for frames, mats and type.

Add a professional touch with Crop-N-Frame iPhone App

It’s so easy to use Crop’n’Frame to quickly take a photo, crop it to zoom into the best part of the photo, enhance it with a frame and caption, and then save it or share it via email or Facebook.

Crop-N-Frame is easy to use

Crop-N-Frame is a great way to enhance your photos before uploading them to Facebook or e-mailing them to your family and friends. Or take it along to the frame shop and use it to visualize how your artwork will look with different sizes and colors of frames and mats.

Crop-N-Frame is available in the App Store. For more information go to http://www.freshairsoftware.com/iPhoneApplications/Crop_n_Frame/index.html

Wayne www.pictocolor.com

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Can you get good color with Instagram?

by on Apr.13, 2012, under Color Correction, Facebook photos, iCorrect OneClick, iPhone Apps, Photoshop Color Correction

Instagram experience

After reading about the $1B Facebook paid for Instagram I had to see what the phone app did. I downloaded the app to my Droid phone, signed up and proceeded to apply the Instagram “filters” to adjust the color to a photo in my phone gallery. I have to say I was not impressed. Admittedly, I am a bit sensitive about color and really don’t like “special effects” for the photos I share, but I simply could not get what I consider good color from any of the filters. And, to top it off when I tried to delete the edited photo (I did not want to share it on Facebook) I ended up deleting all the photos in my gallery. Probably my fault, but…….  Fortunately, I had transferred the photos to my computer so all is not lost. I am sure the sharing and other features of Instagram are worthwhile and I am not questioning the wisdom of Facebook’s acquisition, but comparing the color correction/adjustment features to iCorrect OneClick I found that OneClick was a faster and easier way to Make the Color Right.

iCorrect OneClick color correction plug-in and iPhone APP  Here is the photo I took with my Droid (left) that I corrected with iCorrect OneClick (right) by simply clicking on the white area on my granddaughter’s sweatshirt.

Droid photo (left) corrected with iCorrect OneClick (right) Click on image for larger view

 If you have an iPhone you are in luck–iCorrect OneClick Color iPhone App is available at the App Store
I used iCorrect OneClick Photoshop plug-in correct the photo since iCorrect OneClick App is only available for the iPhone and not the Droid (I guess we should develop a OneClick app for Google and the Android). Here is a video which describes how iCorrect OneClick iPhone App will help you take and upload better photos to Facebook. You can buy iCorrect OneClick App in the App Store.

Maybe I just didn’t pick the right Instagram filter to get good color, but I did try most of them. And, maybe the pupose of the filters are to create special effects and not to Make the Color Right. In any event, I did find it easier and faster to correct the color using OneClick.

You can get iCorrect OneClick Color Plug-in FREE  
PictoColor is offering iCorrect OneClick color correction Photoshop plug-in free by going to www.pictocolor.com/oneclick.htm and try it for your self.

Wayne www.pictocolor.com

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Give iPhone Photos the Color of Life With a Touch of Your Finger

by on Feb.09, 2012, under Color Correction, iPhone Apps

iCorrect OneClick Color App is an exciting iPhone app based on PictoColors’s iCorrect OneClick Color Correction Technology. This is the same technology employed in iCorrect OneClick Photoshop Plug-in and CorrectPhoto Editor. A new video showing how easy and fast it is to add life to dull and lifeless iPhone photos before sending them to friends or uploading to Facebook. iCorrect OneClick App also streamlines the iPhone photo workflow. Watch the video.


iCorrect OneClick App was developed and sold by our partner Freshairsoftware under PictoColor’s technology licensing program.

You can download iCorrect OneClick App from the App Store. Just search for iCorrect and add it to your iPhone for only $2.99.


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New Product-iCorrect OneClick iPhone App

by on Jun.02, 2010, under Color Correction, iCorrect OneClick, iPhone Apps

Most iPhone photos are a bit dull and lifeless. FreshAir Software has developed iCorrect OneClick iPhone App so all of your iPhone pictures will look good before you send them to your friends or post on Facebook. iCorrect OneClick iPhone is based on PictoColor’s award winning OneClick color technology that FreshAir licensed from PictoColor along with the iCorrect trademark. If you have an iPhone and take photos you will want to add this app to your iPhone. You can find out more about iCorrect OneClick iPhone and other products with OneClick color at www.oneclickcolor.com.

iCorrect OneClick iPhone App gives iPhone photos the Color of Life

iCorrect OneClick Color Correction Technology is available from PictoColor as a Photoshop/Elements Plug-in, iCorrect OneClick Plug-in and in CorrectPhoto, a digital photo editor for Windows operating systems.

iCorrect OneClick technology is available to software developers under PictoColor’s technology licensing program. Contact PictoColor for more information about licensing opportunities.


BTW-Check out my blog at www.correctmyphotos.com

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