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Waterfall in the Spring–Making the Color Pop

by on May.12, 2016, under Color Correction, iCorrect EditLab Pro, PaintShop Pro, PaintShop Pro Plug-ins, Photoshop Color Correction, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop plug-ins

I take a lot of photos of our gardens throughout the seasons and all need a bit of editing. I usually use Photoshop Elements for cropping and iCorrect EditLab Pro Plug-in from PictoColor for fixing the color. It is easy and quick to make the color pop with EditLab. Here is a brief tutorial on how I fixed the color of a photo of the waterfall in our back garden.

After installing iCorrect EditLab Pro plug-in in the Elements Filters folder go to Filters/PictoColor/iCorrect EditLab Pro 6.0 to launch EditLab.


EditLab has 4 correct Tabs and it is best to work from Tab 1 through Tab 4, although not absolutely necessary. EditLab’s technology is such that a correction made in subsequent Tabs will not affect the correction made in the previous Tab, thus avoiding the “chase your tail” characteristic of Photoshop corrections.

Tab 1–Remove Color Cast
waterfall_icetab1I clicked on a couple of grey rocks to remove color cast. Make sure the areas you click are really neutral (black, white, or grey).

Tab 2–Set White, Black and Midpoints


In Tab 2 we can set the black, white, and mid-points manually by adjusting the sliders or click on the SmartColor button and let EditLab select the points, which was done in this example. After SmartColor selects the points they can be individually adjusted if necessary or desired.

Tab 3–Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation


Adjust Brightness (Global, Shadows, Highlights), Contrast and Saturation in Tab 3.

Tab 4 HueSelect Control Point Technology


EditLab’s HueSelect Control Point Technology, unique to EditLab, facilitates the hue, brightness, and saturation with in an image without affecting the other hues. In this example, I selected the green hue of the leaves and boosted the saturation.


Next, I selected the red hue of the flower pot and increased the saturation.

The whole process took less than a minute. If noise removal and/or sharpening is necessary just check the boxes and these functions are applied automatically in the proper order as the corrected image is saved in Elements.

Here is the before and after comparison.

waterfall_ice_before-after You can find out more information on PictoColor’s iCorrect EditLab Pro Plug-in and www.pictocolor.com/editlabpro.html. BTW, PictoColor’s plug-ins are compatible with Photoshop, Elements, and Corel’s PaintShop Pro.

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How to fix your scenic photos.

by on May.04, 2016, under Color Correction, iCorrect EditLab Pro, PaintShop Pro, PaintShop Pro Plug-ins, Photoshop Color Correction, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop plug-ins, Tutorials

If you are going on a summer trip you will most likely take a lot of scenic photos. And, when you look at them you will undoubtedly be disappointed in the color. Since you probably didn’t take the time to white balance your camera the photos will most likely be dull and lifeless. But, it is easy and quick to Make the Color Right using iCorrect EditLab Pro plug-in (Photoshop, Elements or PaintShop Pro) or iCorrect EditLab ProApp Stand Alone App.

Here is a before/after photo I took in the Black Hills of South Dakota last year.

iCorrect EditLab Pro Tutorial-compare

And, here is a video to show you how it is done.

You can find more info on PictoColor’s iCorrect EditLab Pro Plug-in or EditLab ProApp stand alone app at www.pictocolor.com.

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