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Best iCorrect software for Wedding Photographers?

by on Mar.02, 2012, under Adobe Lightroom, Color Correction, iCorrect EditLab Pro, iCorrect EditLab ProApp, Lightroom Color Correction, Photoshop Color Correction, RAW Files

We received this question from a prospect in Malaysia today so I thought I would share my answer. I recommended iCorrect EditLab technology, either iCorrect EditLab Pro Photoshop Plug-in or iCorrect EditLab ProApp Stand Alone Application that is also compatible with Lightroom. If he used both Photoshop and Lightroom I recommended iCorrect EditLab Pro PowerSuite which includes both at a special bundle price.

iCorrect EditLab Pro and ProApp Streamline Photoshop and Lightroom RAW Workflow

The reasons behind this recommendation are color accuracy and speed. Wedding photographers need both accurate color and they need the color correction process to be fast and easy. When you take thousands of shots at a wedding you don’t want to spend hours and hours sitting at the computer color correcting photos. iCorrect EditLab Pro has been a favorite of wedding photographers for many years because of the ease of making the color right and the productivity features in both the plug-in and stand alone. Historically, Photoshop was the primary program used to process photos and, hence, the plug-in version was the preferred option. Now, however, with so many photographers shooting in RAW and using Lightroom to organize and edit the photos the stand alone version is the preferred choice. The ProcessQ function in EditLab ProApp really speeds up the process.

I also directed the prospect to PictoColor’s Learning Center where there are videos and tutorial showing how to use the EditLab color correction technology in both Photoshop and Lightroom and, specifically, how EditLab can streamline your RAW color workflow.

So, if you are a wedding photgrapher with thousands of photos to correct you should take a look at how iCorrect EditLab Pro Technology can Streamline your Color Workflow in both Photoshop and Lightroom.

Wayne www.pictocolor.com

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PictoScript Newsletter August Issue Features iCorrect EditLab ProApp

by on Aug.11, 2011, under Adobe Lightroom, Color Correction, iCorrect EditLab ProApp, Image Sharpening, JPEG Files, Noise Removal, PictoScript Newsletter

In the August  issue of PictoScript we continue our celebration of the ten year anniversary of PictoColor’s iCorrect software highlighting our standalone version of iCorrect EditLab, iCorrect EditLab ProApp.  While iCorrect EditLab Pro plug-in simplified and sped up the process of color correcting images, the “file handling overhead” of Photoshop still made color correcting large volumes of photos (such as wedding photos) a time consuming chore. So, in 2003 we introduced iCorrect EditLab Stand Alone Application for high speed color correcting of JPEG and TIFF files.

iCorrect EditLab ProApp with ProcessQ

iCorrect EditLab ProApp with ProcessQ for Batch Processing

ProcessQ Batch Processing
In 2007, we redesigned the ProcessQ batch processing function and added new workflow features resulting in the fastest color correction application available. Wedding photographers claim they can color correct 500+ photos per hour with iCorrect EditLab ProApp.

iCorrect EditLab ProApp and Lightroom screenshot

iCorrect EditLab ProApp Streamlines Adobe Lightroom Color Workflow

Streamline Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Workflow with iCorrect EditLab Pro PowerSuite.
In 2010 we introduced iCorrect EditLab Pro PowerSuite, which includes both the EditLab Pro plug-in and the ProApp standalone versions so users can utilize the full power, ease and functionality of iCorrect EditLab ProApp with seamless integration into their RAW color workflow in both Photoshop and Lightroom.

iCorrect EditLab Pro PowerSuite: iCorrect EditLab Pro Plugin & ProApp
The newsletter also has a special offer on the purchase of iCorrect EditLab Pro PowerSuite. You can save $75.  Click Here to see the special offer.

Special Offer on Purchase of iCorrect EditLab ProApp Standalone Application
Save $25 when purchasing iCorrect EditLab ProApp before the end of August. Use Coupon Code: APP25. Go to www.pictocolor.com/editlabproapp.htm to order.

New Video Tutorials and Sharpening and Noise Removal Features
The newsletter also includes links to two new video tutorials on iCorrect EditLab and information on EditLab’s Noise Removal and Sharpening technologyl. Go to http://www.pictocolor.com/PictoScript_Newsletter/August2011_1.htm to read the newsletter.

Wayne www.pictocolor.com

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Luck of the Irish Sale Starts Today-All iCorrect Software

by on Mar.09, 2010, under Adobe Lightroom, Color Correction, iCorrect EditLab Pro, iCorrect EditLab ProApp, iCorrect OneClick, iCorrect Portrait

Our annual St. Patrick’s Day Sale, Luck of the Irish, starts today. This year we are featuring a 17% percent discount on all iCorrect software.  Enter the Coupon Code PATRICK on the order page, click Apply, and the discount will be applied. The discount will apply to new orders place today through March 20th.

Photoshop Plug-ins-Add a plug-in and Save 17%
The sale includes all iCorrect Photoshop plug-ins; iCorrect OneClick, iCorrect Portrait, and iCorrect EditLab Pro. If you already have iCorrect OneClick and/or Portrait this would be a great time to add PictoColor’s flagship product, iCorrect EditLab Pro 5.5 Plug-in. You will save $17.00 if you order now.

Add iCorrect EditLab ProApp 6.0 to your Lightroom Color Workflow
Now is the perfect time to add iCorrect EditLab ProApp 6.0 with ProcessQ to your Adobe Lightroom color workflow. You will save $25.00 on the purchase of EditLab ProApp and save countless hours color correcting you photos. Just enter Coupon Code PATRICK and the discount will be applied to your order.

Luck of the Irish Sale-Save 17% on iCorrect Software

Tell a Friend
If  you already have our software do your friends a favor and let them know about the sale. You can send them to our website, www.pictocolor.com, or send them a link to this blog, www.icorrectcolor.com.

Wayne www.pictocolor.com

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iCorrect EditLab Pro PowerSuite-Photoshop and Lightroom Color Workflow

by on Mar.02, 2010, under Adobe Lightroom, Color Correction, iCorrect EditLab Pro, iCorrect EditLab ProApp, Image Sharpening, JPEG Files, Photoshop Color Correction, RAW Files

Introductory Offer for iCorrect Editlab Pro PowerSuite Extended–
Free iCorrect EditLab Pro Photoshop Plug-in with EditLab ProApp for Lightroom <Learn More>

Streamline  Adobe® Photoshop & Lightroom Color Correction Workflows
iCorrect® EditLab Pro Power SuiteiCorrect® EditLab ProApp 6.0 & EditLab Pro 5.5 Plug-in

iCorrect EditLab Pro PowerSuite-iCorrect EditLab Pro Plug-in & iCorrect EditLab Proapp Stand Alone

With iCorrect EditLab Pro PowerSuite you get both iCorrect EditLab Pro 5.5 Photoshop Plug-in AND iCorrect EditLab ProApp 6.0 Stand Alone Application (Lightroom compatible). This power suite will streamline both your Photoshop and Lightroom color correction workflow and help you achieve professional color quality much faster and easier than the color tools in either PS or LR.

For a limited time you can save $100 off the price of buying these software products separately. Click here to go to the PowerSuite page where you can purchase. Do it now before the introductory price expires. 

Wayne www.pictocolor.com

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iCorrect EditLab Pro Streamlines Lightroom & JPEG Color Workflow

by on Feb.26, 2010, under Adobe Lightroom, Color Correction, iCorrect EditLab ProApp, Image Sharpening, JPEG Files, Noise Removal, Photoshop Color Correction, RAW Files, Uncategorized

 * * Special iCorrect EditLab ProApp Offer* *
Click Here for Details

iCorrect EditLab ProApp 6.0 Streamlines Lightroom and JPEG Color Correction

iCorrect EditLab ProApp can be integrated with Lightroom and/or used separately to Batch Process Color Correct JPEG & TIFF files
iCorrect EditLab ProApp is our stand alone application that seamlessly integrates into your Lightroom RAW color correction workflow making it easier and faster to achieve professional quality color. <Learn More>

Plus, with iCorrect EditLab ProApp’s ProcessQ you can batch process your color corrections.  <Learn More> 

  • RAW Files in Lightroom Mode
  •  JPEG & TIFF Files in Stand Alone Mode

PictoColor’s EditLab Color Correction Technology achieves professional quality color without the frustration and time consuming tools Photoshop and Lightroom. <Learn More>

  •  Seamless Lightroom color correction RAW Workflow
  •  Batch ProcessQ Color Correction of TIFF & JPEG files
  •  Noise Removal integrated into color correction workflow process
  •  Sharpening integrated into color correction workflow process

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER-SAVE $30-Click Here for Details of offer

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Championship Results with iCorrect Software

by on Aug.17, 2009, under iCorrect EditLab Pro, iCorrect EditLab ProApp, Photoshop Color Correction

The PGA Championship came to the Twin Cities last week and we were lucky enough to find a few tickets for Monday’s practice round.  Since we were looking for a topic for this month’s PictoScript, we figured we justify an afternoon walking the beautiful Hazeltine National Golf Club.  As it turns out, cameras (for non-credentialed observers) are allowed only during the three practice rounds, so off we went hoping to catch a glimpse of and maybe even a few shots of Tiger at work.  Mission accomplished. 


In order to show a possible RAW workflow, I did all the shooting in RAW.  Using Camera RAW 4.6 in Adobe Photoshop CS3, I simply relied on the Auto function with some minor tweaking to the Exposure and Brightness to establish an fairly good baseline image from which to start.  I prefer the tool set within iCorrect EditLab Pro Plug-in and iCorrect EditLab ProApp for making further refinements.


Whereas Camera Raw allows you to preserve the maximum amount of data and image detail during the raw conversion and sets a good baseline from which to work as you optimize your photos, it does not offer an entirely intuitive toolset for making additional color corrections.  This is especially evident with colors like blue sky and green foliage.  Take, for example the following image of the magnificent 9th hole.  Although the initial Camera Raw image looks O. K., and it provides a great starting point, the EditLab ProApp image, with just single click on the grass and one on the sky, looks absolutely stunning.  The built-in Memory Color definitions take care of everything.



ProcessQ Streamlines Color Workflow

At the heart of iCorrect EditLab ProApp is ProcessQ, the completely redesigned image queue that allows you to easily view, sort and manage your color corrections for efficient, time-saving workflows.   After adding images to ProcessQ, they are displayed as thumbnails in the filmstrip at the bottom of the main panel.  With ProcessQ, you can correct and save any number of images – either one at a time or as an entire group.  You can even Synchronize adjustments across multiple images.  


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iCorrect EditLab ProApp 6.0-Time-Saving Workflows with ProcessQ™

by on Jul.15, 2009, under iCorrect EditLab ProApp

At the heart of iCorrect EditLab ProApp is ProcessQ, the completely redesigned image queue that allows you to easily view, sort and manage your color corrections for efficient, time-saving workflows. Here is how to make ProcessQ work for you.  We color corrected 15, 3MB+ images with similar color issues in 2 minutes and 4 seconds.  Try that in Photoshop!


Step 1-Setting iCorrect EditLab ProApp Workflow Preferences
The first step is to customize EditLab ProApp’s preference settings for the specific job or your desired workflow.  You can access the Preferences selection window by clicking on File Menu/Preferences or the Preferences button located under the color tool panel. Detailed instructions for each preference category can be found in the User Guide. Click Here Each preference has a “recommended” default setting, however, each preference can be optimized to maximize your efficiency and workflow.



In our example job we used the default settings in each category except for the Save Image File Folder

Step 2-Add Images to ProcessQ

Next we select and add images to the ProcessQ by clicking on the File Menu/Add Images to ProcessQ and selecting the pictures to be corrected from a folder


and clicking on Open and the pictures are added to ProcessQ. In this example we selected images that were taken under the same conditions.


Step 3-Color Correct Test Image

Next we select an image from the set that represents the average color of the batch and color correct it using the EditLab ProApp tool set.

Tool Tab 1: Color Balance


With the first tool tab, you begin by correcting the color balance by simply clicking on any neutral (black, white, or gray) colors within the image.  In this case the display shows that the original image had a predominantly yellow color cast.


Tool Tab 2: Tonal Range


The next tool tab establishes the tonal range by automatically setting a new black point and new white point.  You can also adjust the mid tones in the center of histogram display.


Tool Tab 3: Brightness/Contrast/Saturation


The third tool tab addresses brightness, contrast, and saturation.  You can even adjust the highlights and shadows independently. We simply increased the saturation slightly.


Tool Tab 4: Hue-Selective Editing


The final tool tab allows you to finely tune specific colors on a hue-selective basis.  Simply activate a color on the hue-wheel by clicking on a color in your image.  You can then adjust its hue along the color wheel as well as independently adjust its brightness and saturation.  We used the skin tone memory color to improve the skin tones. Click Apply to finish.

Step 4-Apply Color Correction to Selected Images-Sync
Next we select the images to apply the color correction parameters and click on the Sync button and the color correction settings are applied to all of the selected images. At this point the color correction is only applied to the proxy (thumbnail) image and can be still be changed.



Step 5-Check Corrected Images and Save
Next we check a few of the images to make sure the color correction settings are okay.  If not, further adjustments can be made to specific images.  After checking a few images to be sure the color correction is okay, select the thumbnails you wand to Save.  The Save button title will reflect the number of selected images and, when clicked, will apply the changes to the images and put them in the destination folder selected in the Preferences (Step 1)




 How Long Did it Take to Color Correct 15, 3MB+ images with similar color problems?

Total Time: 2minutes, 4 Seconds!!

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